So what's your definition of foreplay?

Does it have to be in the bedroom, or can it basically be anywhere on the planet? For me, it starts anywhere...anytime I feel as though my man is in tune with my needs.

I have tried to explain to men a trillion times that foreplay does not necessarily involve flowers, cards or jewelry, and often can occur without even being touched. Foreplay for me is when I come home tired and stressed out from a long day at work, and rather than park himself in front of the sports channel, my man walks into the kitchen and starts unloading the dishwasher. Foreplay is not calling me and pestering me about what's for dinner, it's requesting that I come straight home because dinner is already on the table. Foreplay is not asking how he can help with the kids, it's running their bath water, bathing them, and reading them a bedtime story. Foreplay is not asking me if I know where his brown sock is, but rather identifying the overflowing laundry basket shoved in the corner, and taking on the task of folding its contents.

These are things that are important to me. Why? Because doing these things tells me that my man understands I've had a long day, recognizes my job does not end once I walk through the front door, and realizes my need and desire to get into bed at a decent, reasonable hour. The amount of sleep necessary to be a productive, stable, PLEASANT individual is truly undervalued. That's why any job, task or assignment that he undertakes which allows me to cut down on my evening "busy time" is definitely considered foreplay in my book. It is amazing the amount of energy I can muster up for other things once I feel appreciated, valued and supported...and in the end, both of us benefit from early bedtime.

So how about you, what's your definition of foreplay?