Spit or swallow? You're missing the point!

This "PSA" from a Belgian site called AllAboutSex.be has been making the rounds: girl comes home holding something in her mouth until she looks online to find the answer to the question "Can I get a sexually transmitted infection by swallowing sperm?" at which point she spits into an (unlined!) trash can. There's been a lot of talk about how it's hilarious, how it's gross, how you'd never get that kind of sex ed here, whether or not it's fake, why it seems like she's holding a quart in there*....All of which are mere trifles compared to what everyone SHOULD be talking about first and foremost: how utterly inaccurate and misleading this viral video is!

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There is not much difference in your STD risk between spitting and swallowing -- it's the sucking on an unwrapped penis (or un-dental-damned vagina) that's risky when it comes to STDs! Exposing yourself to skin-to-skin contact and body fluids (whether they are spit out or swallowed) during oral sex is how you can get STDs like herpes, gonorrhea and HIV. (Even the wording "swallowing sperm" is inaccurate, as if you could separate the sperm from the ejaculate -- just as Portia proved you can't separate a pound of flesh from the blood coursing through it, so it is with sperm and spunk.)

Assuming AllAboutSex.be is a legit site trying to help young people get good information on safer sex and not a practical joke (we don't know because we can't speak Flemish or Belgian or whatever the heck it is they speak over there), then they should put the facts before the shock factor.

*(By the way, as any lady who's held a man's love nectar in her mouth for longer than a second can tell you, you puff out your cheeks like that so that you can't taste or feel it as much because, let's face it, it ain't nectar. Also, it's video and they want a funny visual. Jeez.)

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