Stay on Your Feet Through Your Entire Wedding (Plus, To-Die-For Wedding Shoes!)

By Kellee Khalil, Founder and CEO

For some brides, finding a pair of of wedding day shoes is as important as finding the perfect dress. If you're on the hunt for your perfect pair, we've got 3 tips to find the perfect pair that'll keep you dancing all night long. (Because nothing's less sexy than jetting off on your honeymoon with your feet covered in blisters and bandages!)

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1. Make the investment. Well-constructed shoes often come at a cost. Even if you're not a label-hound (not that we're judging---we love us our Jimmy Choos!) there's no denying that a lot of designer shoes come with a great reputation for being more comfortable than their lower-cost counterparts. Hunt for a pair made with natural materials (for breathability) and a bit of a platform (to give you a cushion between your feet and the street). If the price point pains you, hunt for a pair of shoes you know you'll wear again.

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2. Once you've found your dream pair, wear them around the house, on carpet. Break in your shoes without risking scuffing and wear. If they're a tad on the tight side, slide on a pair of socks and walk-walk-walk around. Then walk some more. We hate to break it to you...but if it pains you to stand around in your shoes in the comfort of your carpeted home, they're NOT going to work on your wedding day.

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3. Don't take your (slightly-uncomfortable) shoes off on your wedding day unless you don't plan on putting them back on---even for a couple minutes. Aching feet will swell when you give them the chance to breathe, so rather than slipping your shoes off, take a seat for a few minutes instead.

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We can see you right now---you've found the perfect (painful) pair, and you're rolling your eyes at us, determined to wear them, no matter what! Congratulations---you're a two-shoe bride. Slip on the sky-high heels pre-ceremony for pictures, then once the festivities begin, slip into a more comfortable (hopefully equally gorgeous!) pair.

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On the hunt for wedding shoes? Check out hundreds of the hottest wedding shoes on real brides to sweet pairs you can buy right-this-instant, find the perfect pair that'll leave you looking fabulous on your wedding day. Happy shoe hunting! And leave us your best tips for staying comfortable on your feet (be it work day or wedding day) in the comments.

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