Stop Stressing About the Music: Top Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Day Soundtrack

By Carly Totten,

At this point in your planning process, the questions have already started regarding your music. And they are probably adding stress to your already very full plate. With that in mind, stop stressing about your music. Easier said than done, no? Hopefully not!

We've broken down the musical topic below, and we hope these thoughts will calm your nerves and help you to make clear decisions.

Photo by: Stephanie Williams on Inspired By This via

Photo by: Stephanie Williams on Inspired by This via

Music in the Morning: Quite possibly one of the most overlooked opportunities to infuse your day with music is while you and your wedding party are getting ready. Music has the power to calm you down or pump you up depending on the song choices you make, so consider putting together a playlist to turn on during this part of your day. Think about your favorite songs or those that bring back memories of times you have spent with your party. If you are looking to save time, ask a friend to put together her own playlist and bring it on the morning of or just turn on the radio.

Photo by: Rhphotoarts on The Brides Cafe via

Photo by: Rhphotoarts on The Bride's Cafe via

Processional and Recessional: Each bride has a story to tell about her processional and recessional songs. Maybe you want to walk down the aisle to the same song your mother and grandmother played at their weddings, or maybe there's one particular hymn that holds great meaning to you. However, if you are looking to switch up your music and are considering choosing a more modern song, go with your gut and search the Internet. Many artists remake songs into instrumental mixes for you to download. If musicians are playing live as you walk process and recess down the aisle, consider talking to them too because they may also have ideas.

Photo by: Di Bezi Photography on The Brides Cafe via

Photo by: Di Bezi Photography on The Bride's Cafe via

Band, DJ, or iPod: This choice is truly up to you and your tastes. We always enjoy weddings with a live band. The group has a way of getting (and keeping!) people on the dance floor for the entire night. However, DJs are equally as enjoyable, especially because they play songs from the original artists rather than remaking them into their own sound. If you do not mind creating an extra long playlist for your reception, using your iPod is also a viable option.

Photo by: Mastin Studio on Polka Dot Bride via

Photo by: Mastin Studio on Polka Dot Bride via

Song Tips:
1. When choosing your father-daughter, mother-son, and first dance songs, ask your band if your choices are already part of their songbook. Also, think about how you would like to hear the song. If the way the original artist sings it holds great importance or if your band doesn't already know it, consider turning on an iPod for these moments instead.
2. Encourage your band or DJ to play more upbeat songs after your meal is complete. This way your guests are not torn between enjoying their meal and getting up to dance to their favorite songs.
3. Everyone enjoys hearing songs they know and love, so consider all ages and play classic choices as well as current options from the radio.
4. Lastly, don't forget about your last dance! Think about playing something that everyone knows (and hopefully loves!) so the floor is packed for some memorable final moments of your reception.

Tell us, what songs are you planning to play during your wedding? Do you have any other music questions? Sound off in the comments!

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