New Study: Facebook is More Tempting Than Sex

Try resisting this...Try resisting this...We definitely lose track of how many times we check Facebook and Twitter every day. But a new study found that social media might be harder to resist than…pretty much everything else.

By Korin Miller

In the study, researchers from Chicago University monitored 205 people for a week to suss out their cravings. Scientists checked in on participants seven times a day, asking them to report back on what urges they had at that particular moment or within the last 30 minutes, how strong they were, and whether or not they gave in to them. Overall, there were 10,558 responses and 7,827 desires reported.

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Researchers discovered that people were most likely to give in to their urge to check their Twitter or Facebook pages-even more than they were to have sex and go shopping.

Sure, it's easier (and faster) for most people to check their Twitter feeds than seduce someone or hit the mall, so we get why you'd give in so easily. But wow.

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