Summer Romance Movies to Stream on Netflix

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Ah, Summer love. It seems the hotter the season, the steamier the romance. There are all kinds of Summer-set romances, and most of us have experienced one kind or another. It could be a coming-of-age Summer camp crush, a hot and heavy vacation fling, a forbidden post-college relationship, or a breezy beachside hookup. Many of these Summer romances have also been portrayed on screen in films and are available to watch whenever you want to relive the thrill of Summer love. If you're looking to cool off at home with a movie about these seasonal relationships - which sometimes last past the sunny days of Summer - then check out these films available on Netflix streaming.

  • Beach Party: Teen couple Dee Dee and Frankie spend their Summer vacation having fun in the sun in the '60s musical comedy Beach Party. But things go awry when an anthropologist and a biker attempt to kidnap Dee Dee.
  • 9 1/2 Weeks: The 1986 erotic drama 9 1/2 Weeks follows the dangerous and kinky sexual relationship between a Wall Street businessman and a divorced art gallery employee.
  • Adventureland: An aimless college grad falls for his coworker at an amusement park in the '80s-set Adventureland.
  • Hot Summer Days: Chinese rom-com Hot Summer Days (2010) follows several romantic couplings during a record-setting heat wave.
  • Dirty Dancing: Probably the most famous Summer romance film would have to be 1987's Dirty Dancing, which tells the tale of a teen girl who falls for a dance instructor while on vacation with her family.

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  • Bikini Beach: Musical comedy Bikini Beach (1964) is the sequel to Beach Party and features the first flick's teen lovebirds, Dee Dee and Frankie, along with a British pop star who tries to steal Dee Dee for his own.
  • Wild Orchid: A manipulative millionaire seduces a young lawyer in Rio de Janeiro in the erotic film Wild Orchid.
  • The Graduate: Dustin Hoffman plays a college graduate who has an affair with an older, married woman before falling for her daughter in 1967's The Graduate.
  • Mystic Pizza: The '80s coming-of-age classic Mystic Pizza starring Julia Roberts centers on the relationship complications of two sisters and their friend who all work at a pizza shop.
  • My Summer of Love: Two restless young women with very different backgrounds happen to form a friendship and fall for each other in the 2005 drama My Summer of Love.

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  • Cruel Intentions: Sexy drama Cruel Intentions (1999) follows wealthy teens from a New York City high school, including a twisted love triangle between a promiscuous socialite, her womanizing stepbrother, and the headmaster's virginal daughter.
  • Skateland: Set in a small Texan town in the '80s, indie drama Skateland follows a 19-year-old roller rink manager who must decide what the future holds after high school.
  • The Seven-Year Itch: Marilyn Monroe stars in 1955's The Seven-Year Itch about a middle-aged publisher who is tempted by his sexy neighbor when his wife and son are away for the Summer.
  • Wet Hot American Summer: Wet Hot American Summer is a spoof of the Summer camp movies of the '80s and features several couples, including an awkward counselor who has a huge crush on a fellow counselor, even though she has an obnoxious boyfriend; the camp director who falls for a neighboring scientist; and a gay couple who come out and get married in the final days of camp.
  • How to Stuff a Wild Bikini: Out in 1965, How to Stuff a Wild Bikini is the third and final musical comedy starring Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello as the beach babe twosome Dee Dee and Frankie. In this flick, Frankie is in Tahiti with the Navy and comes up with a plan to keep Dee Dee from straying while he's away.

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