Survey: Women Think It's Okay to Spy on a Man

What are you searching for?What are you searching for?Like to, uh, peruse your guy's texts every now and then? You're in good company.

By Korin Miller

Thirty-seven percent of women said it's perfectly okay to spy on a S.O. if they suspect he's engaging in "bad behavior," according to a new survey of 2,000 people from the online dating site

Here's something that might made you feel bad (just a teensy bit): Only 29 percent of guys said it was acceptable to snoop on their girlfriends and wives.

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The survey also delved into other pressing dating questions and the answers are pretty surprising. People over the age of 55 think dating more than one person at a time is totally fine, while just 41 percent of people 18 to 34 years old think it's okay. So basically, Mom and Dad are cool with you dating a few guys at once...but you might not be.

Another tidbit: Only half of women 18 to 34 years old are willing to date someone with health issues.

Do you read your guy's texts sometimes?

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