It Takes Him HOW Long to Decide If He Wants a Second Date?

By Anna Breslaw, Glamour magazine

And guess which first-impression values men hold dear?

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Wait, before we delve into it, this:

A new University of Texas study finds the more attractive the woman, the more a man thinks she is interested in him, while women, on the other hand, often underestimate men's desire for them.

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AHHH! The above is perhaps the most disturbing moment of this, whose main point is that it takes approximately 20 minutes or fewer for singles to decide whether they want to see someone again after the first date. A few factors play into the decision, but many are simply common knowledge (for most of us, anyway):

  • Nice smile.
  • Babbling is a DON'T.
  • Word-vomiting all of your family's dysfunctional closet skeletons is another "don't." (Guilty!)
  • Don't b*tch about your work or be overwhelmingly negative.
  • Do be sincere and give compliments.
  • Light, casual touching is always good because it shows the dude you're interested.

However, it goes without saying that your primary function isn't to impress the dude, and you should always be yourself, so if you're basically Miranda from Sex and the City, perhaps these guidelines aren't for you.

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Do you think your first impression on dates accurately reflects who you are?

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