Talking dirty during sex

Has your partner or spouse ever asked you to talk dirty to him/her while you were making love? My husband asked me to talk dirty to him right smack in the middle while we were going hot and heavy and I swear I just stopped right there and looked at him! Yes, he was dead serious. I laughed a little bit and couldn't do it! I've never done it before so how could I now? Yeah, sure, I talk and say things to him to let him know how much I'm enjoying what he's doing in a nice, maybe sexy way, but talk DIRTY?! He'll say things like "Oh, f--- me, etc." and I truly don't like hearing that. It makes me feel cheap at times. It doesn't bother me all the time but sometimes, yes, it does.

So, do any of you talk DIRTY during sex? I'm not trying to be nosy but what do you say? I have no clue what to say b/c I've never done it. I'd do it for my husband if it turns him on, although I'm not much for it.

So, would you do it for your partner/spouse if it makes you uncomfortable?