Talking in Your Sleep

I realize that when we are sleeping we have no control over what we say, but when our partners talk in their sleep should we be worried about what they are saying?

I have recently moved in with a man. We have been together for just over 7 months and he has only been divorced for 2 years (me 7+). He finally told his family that we had moved in together and from what he said they were happy for him. Tonight while sleeping he said, " You won't like her". When I asked, "What?" His response was "She has some personal demons". (I don't as far as I know)

My question is should I be worried that this is what he thinks of me or is he talking of someone else? I am new to the "extended" relationship thing... I love him with all my heart and honestly believe that he would never hurt me, but does he have reservations that maybe I should be worried about???