Your Teen Dreams Have Been Realized: Boyz II Men, New Kids, and 98 Degrees to Tour Together

They clean up nice.Ladies, get ready to relive the sweet decade that was the 90s. On Tuesday New Kids on the Block, Boyz II Men and 98 Degrees announced they are planning a boy-band revival tour called "The Package Tour."

The tour will kick off on May 31 and continue, step-by-step, to 28 U.S. cities. We hope your pipes are primed for screaming. Tickets go on sale February 2 and more details can be found at the tour's official website.

Hangin' Tough: New Kids on the Block's Number One Fan for 21 Years

With this news comes an overpowering gust of nostalgia. Here at Shine, the boy-band revival tour got us thinking about our favorite boy-band memories, when we strutted off to wait in line for New Kids tickets in our purple jellies or cry-screamed the lyrics to Boyz II Men's "I'll Make Love to You," at the school dance.

As for this writer, Jordan Knight, tall, dark, and handsome, was undoubtedly my favorite New Kid on the Block. I would think fondly of Jordan every night when I brushed my teeth with my official Jordan Knight New Kids toothbrush and slept on my New Kids on the Block sheets. I carried my New Kids on the Block Sleeping Bag to every slumber party until its zipper stopped functioning and my mother was forced to purchase another one.

Here are some other choice memories from our staff. Have some of your own? Leave them in the comments, below!

"I saw NKOTB in concert with my friend Carissa and my dad. It was the summer after 2nd or 3rd grade, we spent days at the beach on our NKOTB beach towels. (I also had fake Wayfarers with purple arms that said NKOTB on them.) I liked Joey (the youngest and cutest). I think Carissa was a Donnie girl. At the concert someone in the audience was pulled up on stage with a sign that said "Jordan is Sex." Not Sexy. SEX! I think I tried really hard to pretend my dad wasn't sitting next to us." -Joanna Douglas, Senior Fashion & Beauty Editor

"I had an amazing giant Donnie Wahlberg button and a New Kids bomber jacket that would make any kid growing up in the 90's extremely jealous. My 'boyfriend' in the sixth grade called me on the phone after dumping me and played "Please Don't Go Girl" and asked to go back out with me. I think he dumped me again the next day. Oh the heartbreak!" -Sarah Beston, Managing Editor.

Two eager *NSYNC fans and their poor mother (photo: Ali Swank)"When *NSync announced a concert in Denver to promote their first US release, I begged my mom to take me. My family made the 10-hour, grueling road trip to Colorado. Then, my mom and uncle surprised my younger brother and I with meet-and-greet passes. This, to a 13-year-old girl obsessed with Justin's curly, bleached locks and smooth voice, was the best announcement of a lifetime. I met all five guys. You were only allowed to take one picture, so I nervously snapped a picture in haste the second I saw them sitting at the table. The picture is of only a couple of the guys with crooked framing. Lance called me "Sweet Pea," which was a nickname of mine when I was little (How did he know?), JC said I was cute, Chris and Joey were the coolest to my little brother, and Justin smiled, and all I could muster to say was a squealed "Hiiii!" I thought I was going to pass out. My brother is still scarred for life from all of the high-pitched screaming." -Ali Swank, Yahoo! Contributor Network Editor

Nervous tween wastes her one photo of *NSYNC (photo: Ali Swank)(Ed noteSadly for Ali, *NSync is not part of the new tour.)

Unfortunately, no one shared a fantastic memory of Boyz II Men with us. We figure the only reason why is that Boyz II Men is too talented to demean with silly stories. As for 98 Degrees, well, let's be honest: We're not sure why they get to share the stage with the likes of boy-band legends Boyz II Men and New Kids on the Block. (Sorry, Nick Lachey. Other guys: not sorry.)