Teen Idol Davy Jones Dies. Remembering Our First Love

Davy Jones first flagged my heart when he walked into the Brady household in a striped blazer and a British mod mullet. It wasn't long before I'd have my first and only fight with my wonderful grandmother. She wanted to watch Perry Mason, but The Monkees were on Nickelodeon and they were singing Daydream Believer. DAYDREAM BELIEVER. That song still gets me.

Jones, a puckish Englishman, joined the Monkees at 20 years old and became the model for the teenidol in the '70s and the picturesque version of the British rockstar you'd actually take home to mom (or Mrs. Brady). Unlike other teen heartthrobs, Jones wasn't taken down by the fickleness of fans.

He married (a few times) and had four children. He also remained close to his fellow Monkees joining them on reunion tours throughout the years. He also starred in Monkees songwriter Harry Nilsson's London production of "The Point." Race horsing became a big passion, but he continued to make guest appearances on TV and in movies, even playing himself in the parody "Brady Bunch Movie."

More than 40 years after he became the Monkees' frontman and the country's biggest heartthrob Jones was still relevant. In 2008, Yahoo Music named him number #1 teen idol of all time. And in 2009, he released a comeback album.

He died today in his home in Florida after a massive heart attack, according to his publicist. From the millions of us who fought for the chance to hear him sing "cheer up sleep jean" : we'll miss you.

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