Thanks to you, the Great Female and Male Survey results are in!

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We were super excited to partner with online's number one men's lifestyle site and one of our faves, to be the Bonnie to their Clyde, The Great Male Survey. The Great Male Survey always offers up all kinds of juicy insights into the goings on in the male mind, and with 70,000 respondents this year, that's a lot of men to ask. But by adding the first annual Great Female Survey to the mix, now we can compare his and hers. And believe it or not, the results offered some potential peace treaties in the making when it comes to the seemingly never ending battle of the sexes. Turns out, men and women may not be from different planets after all, but you might be surprised at both our similarities, and of course, where we you know, agree to disagree.

Flex your funny bone
The majority of men and woman both use their sense of humor as the number one "weapon" used to attract a mate, with looks and intelligence almost tying for second, and money rated last.

Warm fuzzies
Sense of loyalty is the most important trait that makes a man relationship material, followed closely by a sense of caring and nurturing.

Marriage isn't dead
Respondents agreed that it's an institution worth working to preserve, and neither sex would ask for a pre-nup. Still 20% of men and 17.5% of women admitted that while they didn't strongly believe in marriage, they'd probably do it anyway. Only a very small percentage of both sexes opposed it altogether.

Soul mates
20% of women and 24.6% of men agree there is such thing, but here's an interesting twist: Of the groups that do believe in them, 38.2 % of women have found him, and 29.6% are looking, whereas 24% of men believe they are with their soul mate, and 35.8% are looking.

Breaking Up
While women are slightly more likely to do the breaking up at 45.9%, men step up to the plate at 40.5%.

Now brace yourselves, but here's where we diverge just a tad:

Money matters
65.9% of women weren't bothered by being in a relationship with a man who made a lower income, and conversely, a whopping 81.5% of men would not mind dating a woman who made more money than him. While 15% of women admitted that they would never date a lower income guy, only half as many men said it was a deal breaker to date a wealthier lady.

Online dating
Men were gung ho about using the internet as a way to meet someone, but women remained tentative. Still, 22.3% of women met someone online and went on to have a relationship with them, whereas only 15% of men did.

Study up guys: When asked whether they could be with a less intelligent partner, 9% of men would not be comfortable vs. 49% of women.

Marriage age
When it comes to suitable marriage age, 35.6% of men said it doesn't matter, but 67.4% of women said there should be no age limit. Interestingly, 33.9% of men claimed guys should be married by age 30, whereas only 16.7% of women felt the need to be married by that age.

Shockingly, infidelity is an arena where men and women are apparently on the same page, or pretending to be anyway. For example, when it comes to catching a cheater, both sexes almost tied for expressing a willingness to break into a partner's email account if they suspected something was up. (Delete button anyone?) Also, looks like men's and women's definitions of what constitutes cheating have finally caught up with one another. While the sexes agree that fantasizing isn't such a big deal, kissing and or sleeping with someone else most definitely is.

He Says
If you're into voyeurism, here's a sampling of the results from the men's survey:

• 60% of men are nostalgic for the days when a handshake in business meant something
• 77% of men look for girlfriends with "wife potential"
• 69% of men would never cheat on their partner
• 57% of men cook at home and enjoying doing it
• 56% of men said that being a good father or husband makes a man "manly"
• 61% of men feel that no commercial depictions of the male gender are accurate ones

Want to read the full meal deal? You can check out the results of both surveys at, and don't forget to give us feedback here! Do you agree/disagree with any of the results?

P.S. And stay tuned for Part 2 of this post, when we'll look at the results from the "sexuality" portion of the survey!