The 10 worst reality TV couples ever (both real and imagined)

Jon Gosselin and Nadya Suleman: Humans are not made to endure the kind of suffering that would result from this duo's proposed new reality show.*-
*It can't possibly be true. Can it?
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Thu, Oct 6, 2011 4:41 PM EDT
Rumors ran wild around the ol' interwebs yesterday that Jon Gosselin (aka "The man who never met a sparkly skull he didn't like") and Nadya Suleman (aka "Your womb scares me") are set to star in a new reality TV series titled, "Jon - Kate= Jon +Octomom" (which is, er, a pretty weak title). "Cheaters" producer Bobby Goldstein told In Touch Weekly that he'll back a pilot and that will focus on Octomom's obsession with Jon the Octodad (ew), including how "she's already talking openly about the two of them getting married."

This is actually the worst news we have ever heard. To celebrate (how often do you hear information like this? A handful of times in a lifetime?) we rounded up the 10 most terrible reality couples we could possibly think of--including 5 we made up. Honestly, if these two jerk octoparents get together, truly anything can happen.