The 4 Best Marriage Tricks from Couples Who've Been for 40-Plus Years

By Ayana Byrd, REDBOOK

Wanna get to your 50th anniversary? Steal these to-do's from pairs who've been together for years (and years!).

1. Have crazy adventures: "We never wanted to be the couple that does the same thing every night. Recently, we went to the airport without a plan-and ended up in San Francisco."- Gloria and Herb Schoenfeld, married 52 years

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2. Set aside time just for you: "When we had kids, an older friend told me, 'When the kids leave, it's just you and him; don't be strangers.' So we created Friday-night dates and we still do it 30 years later. Friends call it 'Harvey-and-Delores time.'" - Delores and Harvey Brown, married 41 years

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3. Wake up and fall asleep to a kiss: "We kiss every morning and night, though I've been guilty of going to bed angry. But whenever we don't kiss, I can tell the difference; the day feels incomplete. A kiss is a very powerful thing!" - Fairley and Cecil Baker, married 45 years

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4. Leave love notes:
"When Bob was in the military, he sent me a letter every day. Looking back, that was how we got to know each other so well. We still write daily love notes!" - Jan and Bob Lewis, married 52 years

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