The 6 most random couples honored on YouTube

My day started off totally normal. Clicked on Saw Macaulay Culkin was the top search of the morning. Wondered why. Clicked on his name. Discovered it's his 30th birthday. Clicked on his Wikipedia page. Was reminded that he dates actress Mila Kunis. Was happy for him. Googled both of their names for a picture and up comes this video:

"Mac and Mila" is a tribute montage, set to "Live a Life Less Ordinary" by a band called Carbon Leaf. User IluvJamestjames posted the clip with the explanation: "I can't believe no one's posted a video of them. They've been a couple forever." The clip shows various pictures of the two actors at sporting events, walking around L.A., attending Michael Jackson's funeral. I watched it twice. The first time round I thought: You know what? They're not just lovers, they're best friends. The second time I thought: Who the hell is making a tribute video to Macauley Culkin and Mila Kunis? Youtube is flooded with couples tributes. They are pretty much wedding videos--low budget graphics, photo montages with fade out effects, and made-to-order wedding songs written by the likes of Diane Warren, Taylor Swift and Martina McBride. In a word: awesome. The usual suspects are the teen dreams and the wildly famous like Pattinson-Stewart, Brangelina, Miley and Jonas Brother B.

But Macaulay Culkin and that '70s girl? They're not really the target audience for the age range I imagine you have to be to create these videos. And who would have thought there's enough photos of them to fill the entire length of a song? And if there's a tribute video for "Mac and Mila" what other random celebrity couples are people dedicating 12 hours and various first dance songs to? Answer to follow...

Chyna Phillips and Billy Baldwin. These two people are still one person's favorite celebrity couple. By the end of the clip, I'm on board too.

Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger. They have to be the least fascinating celebrity pairing in all of celebrity-land. Both kind of famous, attractive in non-objectionable ways, and not particularly controversial. They're not even big on PDA, which these kinds of videos require. It's a lot of walking down the street in casual clothing looking forward.

Danny and Lindsay of CSI NY. I don't watch this show, but now I might have to.

The Miz and Maryse. That guy from the Real World (back in dark ages) and the MTV Challenge series is now one half of a celebrity wrestling couple. Fun fact: Wrestling fans are big on tribute videos, and thank god for that. Veiny muscles and saccharine-sweet music are strangely appealing combination.

Couple: Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston. This is a tribute video to their friendship. They are best friends in the world. And it's romantic in a BFFs-on-spring-break-with-matching-beaded-anklets-from-the-poor-local-beachside vendor way.

Stay tuned for part two of this investigative series: Tribute videos of couples people really want to reunite..