The 7 Most Romantic (Slightly Cheesy) Songs Ever

I'm not afraid to admit that Taylor Swift's Love Story makes me cry. This weekend, I was listening to it on repeat, over, and over, and over again. It brings me right back to that heart-stopping, knee-wobbly feeling of romance-something I've been missing a lot in my own life.

I'm a sucker for romance, and I love a good, lyrical pop ballad. I feel like a romantic song should be slightly cheesy, slightly embarrassing if anyone sees it on your iPod, shouldn't necessarily be something you'd want to listen to while you get it on but should be something that always-no matter where you are or what you're doing-makes you remember the way romance should be.

Here are my favorite romantic songs-what are yours? (Note I didn't put any Celine Dion or Whitney Houston in this list-for some reason, those ladies just don't do it for me!)

She's in Love with the Boy
-Trisha Yearwood's sweet ode to adolescent romance is simple, lovely, and has just the right amount of conflict to make it a country song.

Moon River
-My personal favorite is a Barbara Streisand pop-ballad version. I'll also admit that, when I lived in an apartment with a conveniently romantic fire escape (it faced a back alley and was only fifteen blocks away from where Hollly Golightly is supposed to live in Breakfast at Tiffany's), I used to hang out there, listening to the song and drinking a glass of wine. Unfortunately, I didn't have a cute downstairs neighbor. Instead, I had a sweet upstairs neighbor named Raffi who always asked me out to coffee, but I always said no because our hallway conversations were always about the weather and I was worried we'd have nothing in common.

Romeo and Juliet (Dire Straights version is ideal, but there's also an Indigo Girls version I'll listen to)-In high school, my friend and I used to drive around before class, belting this one out as we bemoaned our current lack of romance.

There is Love-I have a special place in my pseudo-hippie heart for Peter, Paul, and Mary and this song always, always, ALWAYS makes me cry. My brother and his wife used this song for their wedding ceremony (held out in the woods in Virginia) and it was so simple and haunting and beautiful, it reminds me to hold out for real romance.

Crimson and Clover
-Joan Jett is a whole lot of rock and roll and I love this version. Seriously, if I ever get married, I'd want to walk (rock?) down the aisle to this one. It's sweet and strong and fun and always makes me happy.

Truly, Madly, Deeply
-Back in 1998, this Soundgarden Savage Garden (oops! sorry 'bout that!) song was always on the radio. It inspired me to break up with my high school boyfriend because I realized not only did I not love him, I didn't even really like him that much.

Your turn!

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