The cupless bra: Hot or not?

Love From HollandLove From Holland
Recently, the trend of cupless bras has hit the lingerie world, and when I started looking at all the crazy new styles out there (I think someone aptly called them, the "emperor's new clothes" of bras), I had to laugh. See, confession time: I actually own one of these bad boys.

A few years ago I went on a naughty underthings shopping splurge at Agent Provocateur, and somehow the saleslady talked me into purchasing one of these jammies (I guess she was way ahead of the trend (?), and I was young and impressionable(?)). Before you scoff, consider the erotic appeal: Bras are usually kind of forbidden to men, while they're horny teenagers at least, so when they get the package of seeing a bra plus full on breasts all at once it's supposed to cause an electrical overload, or something like that. And these bras are a victory for all us small-breasted women out there. (Finally, a piece of erotic lingerie you don't need huge boobs to look sexy in!) Still, I can also confess that these days, mine sits alone and forgotten at the bottom of my lingerie drawer. It was fun for a couple romps, but ultimately, breasts don't really need to be framed, now do they?

What do you think? Could this be a hot, racy thing to wear for your significant other one night along the lines of crotchless panties or um, dare I say, manties? Coincidentally, I was discussing this with some staffers and we decided that wearing crazy underwear can be rollicking good fun if you're sporting it in the company of someone you can laugh about it with, and then (hopefully) have great sex; not so wise, perhaps, for wearing on say, a date with someone you haven't been seeing for very long. Because frankly, the cupless bra might scare the bejeez out of of the poor fella. But maybe that's another post entirely...