The deeper his voice, the more likely he'll cheat?

A man's deep voice is both attractive and nerve-wrecking for women. (Photo by Paul Natkin/WireImage)A man's deep voice is both attractive and nerve-wrecking for women. (Photo by Paul Na …How do you know if a guy's a cheater? Listen to his voice. If it's deep, you may be filing him under "player." A study published in the Journal of Evolutionary Psychology found that female subjects were more likely to tag a guy as a cheater if he had a deep voice. In the study, men were asked to make vowel sounds and women were asked, based on the sound, to choose who was most attractive and most likely to cheat. You guessed it: the guy most likely to be singled out for both answers was also most likely to be singled out for a barbershop quartet.

Our cheater radar may not be rational, but according to the study led by McMaster University's Jill O'Connor, it is evolutionary. Here's the theory: the deeper the voice, the higher the man's level of testosterone. So a man with a really low voice is pretty much walking around with a sandwich board that reads "Kiss me, I'm fertile."

What female homo sapien isn't going to jump on that? But all that female temptation means a greater likelihood of cheating, and as a result, a possibility of paternal abandonment. Could this deep voice suspicion be our body's way of warning us about potential 'bad boys'? And should we always listen to those warnings?

"We certainly aren't saying someone will cheat on someone else just because they have a deep voice - just that this observation supports our (evolutionary) hypothesis," says O'Connor. "We wouldn't advise any behavior changes because of this. People aren't slaves to biology."

...Except sometimes they are. Does your baby voice ever go on autopilot when you're talking to a guy? The study also found men were most attracted to women with high-pitched voices. That answers that.

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