The down-and-dirty guide to dating: Deal-breakers

Dating's a wild and crazy game that needs a few rules. But some ladies set tougher rules than others. Take, for example, the ladies of comedy duo Frangela -- Frances Callier and Angela V. Shelton.

We've asked this often wise, wicked, and funny pair to give us their take on some of the biggest dating issues. The first dilemma we're going to get their take on is first-date deal-breakers. You know -- what is that one thing your date would do that would be such a red flag that it'd send you screaming from a date? Or maybe just make you think, "I'm not doing this again!"

Let's first hear what the Frangela chicks had to say:

Personally, some of our deal-breakers from our illustrious dating histories include: talking too much about the ex, an unreasonably fiery temper (trying to start a fight, for example), and not offering to pay if not picking up the bill entirely.

Now we ask you, Shine ladies. What are your first-date deal-breakers?