The Ghost of Jennifer Love Hewitt Past Returns With a Message of Hope

Love's all out of love in Love's all out of love in

I'm worried about you, Jennifer Love Hewitt. It's been a rough year, between the cancellation of the "Ghost Whisperer", another failed engagement (to Jamie Kennedy), an ill-timed how-to-find-a-man book "I Shot Cupid" which debuted just as your breakup went public, and now this.

In "The Client List", a Lifetime made-for-TV movie, debuting tonight (9pm EST) you play a woman who turns to prostitution to support her family. Don't get me wrong, it looks awesome. But if life imitates art, you've hit rock bottom in the romance department.

What happened to girl I used to know, who inspired Ethan Embry to write a letter in "Can't Hardly Wait"? Who inspired John Mayer to write a sleazy song in 2002? Who inspired "Party of Five" to consider an awkward spin-off in some year Before Christ? Who inspired girls like me to believe that big boobs and a rail thin body were actually something that could naturally occur in nature, at any given moment throughout the puberty process? Look, we all learned the cold hard truth of life--but that doesn't mean you should give up on love, in real life or even on Lifetime. That sweet, little ingenue with a happy ending (not that kind) is still in you.

So, Love, if that is your middle name, I offer a message of hope, from your distant past.

Still sad? This might cheer you up.

I wonder what that toy soldier is doing today. He seems like a decent guy. Maybe give him a call?