The Great Female Survey: We want to hear from YOU

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Confession time: I'm kinda obsessed with, the largest men's lifestyle site online. It's like spying on five million men a month (although, I'm sure there are other female voyeurs like me out there). They do this huge survey for guys, The Great Male Survey, so this year, I am honored and floored that we get to partner with them to bring you the first annual The Great Female Survey!!! Here's the idea:

Who and what is "the modern woman"? Arriving at a definition often involves a lot of assumptions, and descriptions of the modern woman are varied and plenty: mother, independent woman, vamp, (to name a few). Determining if any of these portrayals are factual largely boils down to a single question: Is there any real data to back them up?

The short answer is: No. Or rather: Not yet. Yahoo Shine has joined in preparing the 2008 Great Female Survey, which will be live on the site for the next month. Check back toward the end of July, when we'll publish the results.

You must, must, must take it right now (seriously folks, it takes less than five minutes to complete). That link again ladies is The Great Female Survey. We want, nay need YOU to weigh in, so just take it already. (Please.)