The Most Make-Out-Worthy Man of 2010

Around our office we get into some pretty deep conversations. Our most recent one started when we put together our 2010 celebrity yearbook (see it all here). We quite civilly discussed and voted on our picks for cutest couple, best dressed, most likely to succeed and a few other fun, end-of-the-year categories.

Things started to heat up when we had to pick the "celeb most likely to star on a reality show" (my choice ultimately won, and I was far too excited about it). But it went to a total meltdown when we had to pick one -- one! -- guy as the "celeb we most want to make out with." I told you, we're a deep bunch.

I'm not proud of us, but for full disclosure, here's what happened: first, all actual work stopped. Then, the campaigning began. Some of us had verrrry strong opinions on who it should be and began bombarding the undecided's with links to pictures, movie/TV clips, you name it. When that didn't work, we resorted to a mature (ha!) shouting match until a vote was finally called and a winner declared.

Of course, if you think that was the end of it you'd be wrong. My esteemed colleagues insisted I include all the runners-up in this post so the chaos, er, debate can continue. So take a look at the candidates below, or see the winner here (and why we ultimately picked him), and tell us -- who would you want to make out with?

The Runners Up:

Jake Gyllenhaal
He was soooo close, we had a run-off between him and the final winner. Maybe next year Jake.

Ben Affleck
Majorly hot in "The Town" this year and we still have fond memories of "Armageddon" and "Good Will Hunting."

James Franco
Hey, for some of us the perseverance to (pretend to) saw off your own arm is attractive. Plus, he could get us tickets to the Oscars.

Boris Kodjoe
His show "Undercovers" was canceled, which was sad not so much because it was a great show, but now we won't be able to stare at him on a weekly basis.

Zac Efron
I think if you look up "dreamy" in the dictionary you'll see his picture. Plus, he and Vanessa Hudgens just broke up -- available!

Ryan Reynolds
Hot, funny and ripped -- sign us up! Plus, rumor has it he and Scarlett Johansson are calling it quits -- sad but it does slightly help our totally-nonexistent chances.

Now it's your turn, share your votes here.

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