The NOT so secret life of the American teenager

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Thu, Oct 6, 2011 5:16 PM EDT

I have been very concerned with the way Hollywood and media in general has been stuffing topics way to advance for children down their collective throats. There are no positive role models for children nowadays, and it is leading to the corruption of this generation and the ones to follow. There are many things Hollywood has done to corrupt children everything from Miley Cyrus's pregnancy hoax, which was broadcasted with such intensity that you would think it was a nuclear attack from a foreign country, to all the sex in like every show you can imagine.

However one show in particular has me down right disgusted with ABC, I am more then sure you have heard about it, it is called The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Now let's get one thing straight here it should be called The Secret like of AN American Teenager, because "the" is implying that all teenagers are having unexpected pregnancies. Aside from that the show is about a 15 say it with me 15 year old girl who gets pregnant, and get this according to what I have read she got impregnated and lost her virginity to the quote unquote "school bad boy". Now unless ABC is trying to tell us that American teenagers nowadays lack common sense and are as a sharp as a pear, you don't associate with bad anything's. If this took place in high school and not junior high not only would the father have nothing to do with her but she would at the very least contract one STD on top of being pregnant. If the show was directed towards adults I would be way more lenient on it, because it would be more like a "You better wake up and take better care of your kids or else this may just happen to you" kind of show. However since the show is begin broadcasted on ABC FAMILY and is actually geared towards teenagers is where I draw the line. The way the show is being played you would almost think that ABC is trying to tell teenagers "Its ok if you get pregnant there is hope for you yet, and it is not as bad as you think it is." Almost to encourage promiscuous behavior and let teenagers believe they have control over their lives when really they don't. If teenagers really had control over themselves why make the drinking age 21 then, why you ask because you are not an adult until you are 21 and even then you are a young adult, hell you need to be 25 to rent a car.

Still when it all comes down to it who's fault is it really, the parents, the media, the people children associate with? In reality it is everyone's fault for the corruption of children today, I have seen kids even younger then 15 get pregnant and let me tell you it does not play out like the show for these children. Their lives are ruined, there is no hope, and they will more then likely raise their children to make the same mistakes they did, and the horrible cycles continues. Kids need to just live as kids, have fun, play games, study for high school and college, and not be off getting dates, having sex, and bring new kids into the world when they are just kids themselves.