A man can have the best woman, he ever thought he could not have! A woman is very pleasing, she never ask for a lot, and she appreciates the little things. You can have her right where you want her under a few conditions. 1. Love her unconditionally 2. Be kind and gentle to her 3. Protect her at all times 4. Don't Cheat 5. Care for her 6. Make her feel important 7. Make her matter to you 8. Treat her as a the Queen that she is, 9. Curtious, 10. Respect her at all times 11. Equal space 12. Hear her and listen to her 13. Spend Valueable time.

A man wants a loving kind woman who does not nag him, who is very understanding, support his decisions, not arguementive, understands his manly ways, know when to nurture him, know when not, give him space (but men not to much, where you are to far away and lose her), not just listen but hear, spend time and not with the girls.

When a man do these things he can have that Proper "B" stature Every Man Wants. The Proper "B" Sature of a woman is not the B word some women refer to herself and others refer to women. This "B" is:
Beauteous.......Beautiful in character, in strength, in poise, in swag, in love with God!
Beauty.....That makes her shine from the inner first and then the outer!
Beatify........To always show you are blessed with happiness which beatification of joy
Brains........She can think for herself, Independent, determination, strong
Becoming........Attractive,and classy no matter what she does or how she does it, she do it with class
Bloom.......A maturity that will cause you to handle things in an composed manner!
Breathable......You always want your atmosphere to be like a breath of fresh air
Bounteous.....Always exude a goodness with generosity in abundance
Buttress........Always stand in, with and give support where needed
Beautiful.....The Jewel you are sparkle at all times, do not let the flaws of your diamond determine your shine! Clean it, Buff it, and wear it, with grace......Because what you wear also determines your confidence and your integrity!

Men and a women have to play apart in having those wants in a person and that is......... you have to give to get as well!

The Most Beautiful Of Jewels Inc.