Why do we judge others for their own mistakes? Let me talk about us (women), one thing we all have to understand about women and ourselves is this; We are emotional creatures we listen to our emotions majority of the time, than our minds. So, if we have caused any certain misbehavior to occur in our lives or it seems you find ourselves having a girly moment and we say, why do I keep finding the wrong guy or the famous "WHY ME"'s because we trusted our hearts and that person. No, is it an excuse No, but this is the more likely case for us to allow certain things to happen in our lives. Every women is looking for tha right "A" man to come along, AMEN LADIES......AMEN! Now, some women get a little impatient, but women always want to believe this one is it, because he seems so sweet.

Dating, before I got married I did not like to date, dating was not for me, how did I know my husband was the one to marry, he was different from the rest. His conversation was different, and I just knew I had a feeling I never experience before, and for me you have to come a certain way before I will allow you to carry on a second conversation with me. But, for us (women) we do not look to be disappointed or hurt........ we look to be loved and cared for, we want to matter to you and feel important too, not needy....just simple. Women ask for very little, that means alot. But, takes notes with this..... you won't go wrong, I guarantee it. When he talk, these are the things you need to listen for:

An "A" Stature is hard to find, an A Stature, is a man that come standing tall and is not "Ashamed" to LOVE, an.........
"Attitude" of humility not pride, ready to.........
"Accomplish" an lifetime of committement to share his life. To have the.......
"Ambition" that he is willing to make it with her through the Good and the Bad. The
"Ability" to prove she is his Queen and his love proves consistantly and unconditionally. His "Attributes" lines up with the promises of how a man should be and how to treat a woman......... love her as Christ loves the church.
"Adjustments" willing to adjust to change together. Last but not least
"Agreement" willing to agree, by compromising, not it going his way all the time nor hers, "but do not mind spoiling her a little, but anchored together in God by walking side by side and holding hands in agreement stating we are together on this.......I Love you "Girl" and I Love you "Boy", I got your back and I got yours!
The "A" Stature also represent A man is the Head of the women...that's why his structure represents an "A"! that is him lining up with the promises and know what to do to make it
"ALL" happen!

That Ladies and Gentlemen is the "A" Stature"! I know men are sayin' what about the Women.....It's right behind this one It's called the " The Proper "B" Stature of a Women Every Man wants!