The Secret Erogenous Zones in Women

An erogenous zone is an extremely sensitive area of the body. The stimulation of these erogenous zones leads to the sexual arousal of both men and women, usually in the penis and clitoris. The sensitivity of these erogenous zones differs from person to person and also from one body part to another.

Men and their awareness of female erogenous zones

A man needs to sexually explore his partner's erogenous zones if he wishes to arouse her before initiating intercourse. If the woman is not sexually aroused, her sexual experience will prove to be unsatisfying for her, and in turn, negatively affect the male too. Instead, men should pay attention to those areas of a woman's body - by stroking and caressing them - for her to achieve a more intense orgasm. The foreplay is just as an important part of sex as the intercourse; hence it's of paramount importance that a man knows about the woman's erogenous zones to meet her needs.

It's a well known fact that men climax faster than women. It can be a difficult task for a man to steer a woman towards an orgasm with just intercourse alone. Stimulating the woman's erogenous zones will help to make sex more pleasurable for both parties.

The neck as an erogenous zone

The female neck is a naturally sensitive area of the body. In fact, this entire area between the shoulder and her ear is tailor made for easy stimulation. Just a light massage of this area with the tongue or by lightly kissing the length and breadth of this area will sexually arouse the woman. The back of a woman's neck is also sensitive and receptive to light caressing.

Her hands as an erogenous zone

The soft skin of the hands and inner arms are extremely sensitive to stimulation. A light massage or light stroking of the hands will more often than not lead to an arousal in women. At times, vigorous kneading or butterfly kisses can bring about a vaginal or clitoral orgasm. The sensitivity of the hands will differ amongst women and is dependant on the nature of the skin.

Her ears as an erogenous zone

A gentle sucking of the ear lobes is sensitive for many women. If a man continues with this sensual action for a steady amount of time it can lead to the woman's sexual arousal. Women will also find soft breathing into the ear to be a highly pleasure-inducing.

Her feet as an erogenous zone

Feet have a large concentration of nerve endings, specifically in the toes and the sole of the foot. The sucking or licking of feet induces sexual arousal by stimulating these nerves. Stimulation of the feet will release seductive pheromones leading to a heightened sense of sexual arousal. The sucking of toes is an activity enjoyed by many women, which men often indulge in to galvanize the sexual experience as a whole.

Inner Thighs as an erogenous zone

Inner thighs are also quite a sensitive erogenous zone, but most men might not offer it the attention this zone deserves for its close proximity to the vagina. Stroking of the inner thighs is one of the easiest ways of inducing sexual arousal in a woman. Moreover, this region is so sensitive that very little effort is needed to bring the woman to a state of sexual arousal.

A deeply satisfying sexual activity is a result of the erogenous zones being properly stimulated. Also, the stimulation of these zones brings the 2 individuals closer as the female is made to feel that the male is not interested in just interested in his pleasure alone and wants the woman to enjoy the sexual experience as well.

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