The truth about "Birthday Sex"

Getty ImagesGetty ImagesIf you listen to Top 40 or R&B radio, you're probably familiar with Jeremih's "Birthday Sex." The song has sat comfortably at the top of the charts for weeks now, which has allowed us ample time to think about actual birthday sex. How many people really get busy on their birthday, and why is it better than sex on any other day?

The song refers to giving "Birthday Sex" as a gift. If you're in a relationship and have sex regularly, how could the sex be any different? Perhaps you get special treatment. Maybe you only "receive" while your partner "gives." Perchance you bought some fancy new lingerie. But is the sex better? We don't think so. And if you plan on a long night of drinking and partying you can probably kiss that awesome birthday sex goodbye. (I just might know from experience.)

If you're single and have yet to sleep with someone until their birthday, this could be perceived as a gift. Though it may also be perceived as kind of weird. And if you've got no one to hook up with by day's end, no birthday sex for you.

So really, what's up with everyone being so psyched about birthday sex? Sex on your birthday is a bonus, but good sex is good no matter what day it is. Jeremih, holler when you come out with "Make Up Sex." Then we can talk.