The Unsolvable Mysteries of the Male Mind

A friend of mine recently received a semi-panicked phone call from her ex. Apparently, he'd made a pork tenderloin, and, not wanting to throw the juice or the remaining, inedible pieces of meat into the trash, threw the remnants down the toilet, flushed, and-SURPRISE-clogged it.

He tried using water to unclog the pipes. He tried using a plunger. He even tried using a coat hanger to fish the pieces of meat out (and keep in mind that this is a man who lives in an apartment that has a sink, we're not talking about someone living in a remote cabin in the woods!) and then finally, he called his ex. Who told him to call a plumber.

We love men, but-admit it-sometimes, in their quest to get things taken care of with as little fuss as possible, they can go overboard. I once dated a guy who, instead of using pillowcases, put t-shirts on his pillows. All of his pillows had little sleeves-that way, he didn't have to worry about cleaning his bed linens. Another friend of mine once dated a man who didn't have ANY sheets or blankets-he just slept in a sleeping bag on his bare mattress. And a third dated a guy who used to turn his socks inside out, so he could get a second wear out of them. "Practically new!" he'd say with a smile.

What about you? Any lazy guy "I can't believe it" tricks you've seen? And, in the interest of gender equality, any ones that you'll 'fess up to?

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