The Weather's Getting Warmer . . . Favorite Outdoor Dates?

I love the fact that FINALLY, after a slushy, dark, not sexy at all winter, we're finally noticing the first glimmers of spring in New York City. Last weekend, I pulled out my flirty floral skirts, my tank tops, I've been doing a few more crunches and push ups than usual (ie, SOME instead of NONE), and I've switched my standing coffee order to iced.

And with that, I'm really ready to dive into the dating pool, determined to fill the next few months of warm weather with as many dates as possible. I don't know about you, but I always feel more energized in the spring, and while I consider winter my season to Get Things Done (get serious about yoga, work on writing, etc), this spring, I want to relax my rules a little bit. I've pegged May 1st as the date when I'm going to reactivate my online dating membership, when I'm going to stop buying a monthly unlimited yoga membership in favor of a 10-class card, when I'm not going to freak out if I don't write as much as I would like each week. In short, spring is my season for fun.

And with that in mind, I have to ask-what are your favorite things to do with your guy when the warm weather hits? From sharing a sundae to something decidedly friskier (like the picture above!) I'd love to get inspired with your getting-it-on-when-it-gets-warm ideas!

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