The women who loved Charlie: Manson and Sheen

Ever since his week-long tirade against CBS, AA and non Vatican assasin warlocks, Charlie Sheen has been compared to another Charlie. and the blog Tougher and Richer both compared the rants of Sheen to that of Charles Manson. They both have made similar paranoid, demonic rants. But most glaringly, both are known for a devoted coterie of female followers. While Manson and a few of his devotees committed horrendous acts of violence, Sheen's 'family' has done nothing of the sort. But there is a question of brain-washing. Like Manson's female charges, Charlie's so-called 'Goddesses' Natalie Kenley and Rachel Oberlin are in their early 20s, both share a bed with their leader and both claimed utter devotion to his self-created 'family'. After opening up to the media about their duties caring for Charlie's twins, the children were removed from his home, and their mother, Brooke Mueller wants the women tested for drugs before they're allowed to care for his kids again. Is it a Hugh Hefner style Hollywood polygamy or a cult-like brainwashing? And is there a difference? In assessing Manson's followers, Helter Skelter author Vincent Bugliosi wrote: "Each was in her own way a pretty girl, but there was a sameness about them that was much stronger than their individuality." As an experiment (inspired by PopEater's Jo Piazza), we compared Sheen's 'Goddesses'' recent statements with those of former Manson followers. It's all a bit unnerving.

On Devotion
Sheen's Goddesses
Natalie Kenley:
"We do whatever Charlie wants us to do...
I told Charlie when I moved in I'm on the bus. I don't really care where the bus is going."

Manson's followers

Pat Krenwinkle: "I only did what Charlie wanted. That was the whole thing...I was following Charlie's orders because they were Charlie's orders."
Lynnette Fromme: "I'll die for Charlie, I'll kill for him, I'll do whatever is necessary.
Susan Atkins: "I gave myself to him."

On Sex:
Sheen's Goddesses

Rachel Oberlin: "Our bed is big enough for all three of us, and we take turns sleeping in the middle...All three of us are in a relationship, and if Charlie ever wants to go outside 'the wedge' and act out on his sexual desires, that's fine with Natty and me...I've always felt that a man should be able to be with as many women as he likes."
Kenley: "The system works for us."
Manson's followers
Fromme: [Sharing a bed with Manson and other women] was awkward, but it easily became familiar."

Krenwinkle: "There was, at times, basically, group sex, but it was always very planned because it was a means of control."

On Charlie's charms:
Sheen's Goddesses
Oberlin: "Charlie is a great man and he can provide the lifestyle to accommodate a relationship such as what the three of us have. He has totally taken me aback by what a wonderful person he is, how open and honest he is."
Kenley: "I respect Charlie as a man and as the head of this household and I trust him completely."
Manson's followers
Fromme: "He's the only person I ever knew who has real power."

Atkins: "He is the only complete person I've ever known."

On their connection:
Sheen's Goddesses

Oberlin: "We're all pieces of a puzzle that fit together."
Manson's followers
Fromme: "We are in love with each other."

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