User Post: There's No Place like Shine

In the land of the sun stands a shire,
just bordering Shines precious realm.
The castles once built here have long disappeared,
still loyalty and royalty prevail.

The subjects of Shine still pay homage,
long live the kingdoms fair queen.
pilgrims of old still travel Shines roads,
yet harder to get to it seems.

Her armies stand grand and still gallant,
defending the ways of the realm.
yet with Shine comes peace and for war there's no need,
for love springs from deep and pure wells.

The elders keep secrets that no one dare speak of,
magic and romantic spells.
and in all of Shines glory they say miracles flourished,
legends of old told in tales.

Shines nights still hold stardust and the promise of love,
each day is bathed in pure gold.
endless the treasures wrapped in Shines great pleasures,
the kingdom I'm proud to call home.,