Things We Wish Our Husband Would Say

Healthy relationships are based in reality, but sometimes it doesn't hurt to fantasize, right?

We love our partners-we really do- but we can't help fantasizing that one day they'll read our minds and magically just "get it" when it comes to what we need.

Forget the whipped cream, George Clooney and fireman's uniform. Our true fantasies? They're of our loving (but sometimes clueless) husbands and boyfriends uttering the following sensitive sentences. ...

  • Let's talk about our relationship, honey.
  • "Would you like a long back massage, honey? And don't try to give me one in return or turn this into a seduction! Tonight's all about getting that kink out of your shoulder and the tension out of your back."
  • "Why don't you find something to watch on TV, put your feet up and I'll call you when dinner's ready. I'm trying this new recipe for salmon and it's almost done!"
  • "I'm going to stop by the dry cleaner tomorrow-is there anything of yours or the kids' that you'd like me to take in? It'll be back hanging in your closet in two days. Promise."
  • "I don't care what the guys at my office say! I don't find Megan Fox OR Angelia Jolie attractive at all. You are so much sexier and more beautiful."
  • "Have you lost weight? I swear, you're even thinner and more fit than when I first met you! Are you sure you're not working out too much?"
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  • "Honey, do you think we have a healthy relationship? What can I do to make it better?"
  • "Can I take the girls to their friend's birthday party this weekend? I just love going to those things, and then you can have the morning to yourself for a yoga class or manicure!"
  • "Keep next Saturday night free on our calendar-I called the sitter and made a reservation at that new restaurant you wanted to try. You might need to go shopping for a new outfit for the occasion!"
  • "Tonight is all about you. I know exactly what you like and I plan on doing them all ... as long as you aren't too tired, honey!"
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You can have a healthy relationship even if your partner never utters a single one of these phrases, but hearing just a few of these every once in a while couldn't hurt!

Can you think of any we forgot? What would you like your husband to say to you?!

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