Three Real-Life Runaway Brides

We promise, it's not what you're thinking! These three women ran, not walked all the way to the altar. Read on to hear about the different ways they incorporated fitness into their special day.

1. Allegra Frolow: "At the end of our wedding, I changed from my wedding dress into a white sundress and running shoes. My husband changed from his tux into a black running outfit and shoes. We made our exit by running out through the tunnel of guests throwing lavender," Frolow says.

"Since it was summer in Texas, we only ran far enough to get out of sight. Then, we took a break waiting for our ride to pick us up and take us to the state capitol, where we put our wedding clothes back on to take pictures. It turned out perfectly. People still tell us how cute our exit was. I wouldn't change a thing!"

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2. Katie Ingram: "We got married in a surprise ceremony on New Year's Eve. The next morning my new husband and I ran a 5K and then hosted a brunch for everyone. I even had special 'Just Married' technical tees made for the 5K!"

"I have absolutely no idea what our chip time was-I didn't wear my Garmin and I don't really care. What matters is how we rang in the New Year and our marriage-being outside, running, with friends. Our life!"

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3. Wendy Bazilian: While California couple Wendy and Jason Bazilian had a fit beginning-they met as camp counselors and bonded as swim instructors-they opted for a beautiful, traditional wedding on the beach. But when they renewed their vows this year, they decided the Las Vegas "Strip at Night" half marathon would be the perfect way to do it. "We always aim for a 'well-lived day,'" Bazilian says. "Working together to achieve a goal like running a half marathon takes commitment and work, just like a marriage .The renewal is icing on the cake-without the extra calories!"

"Every year since our marriage, we've celebrated the Chinese New Year by sending a card with a 'jump' pic of us together-a photo of us in mid-air somewhere in the world," Bazilian says. "This symbol of our love and our love for being active has become our trademark."

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