The Right Time to Say Goodbye

Why You Should Say GoodbyeWhy You Should Say Goodbye

By Alex Johnson for

There are so many ways to say "goodbye." We have sayonara, adios, cheerio and arrivederci. However, when it comes to relationships and matters of the heart…when do we really know it is time to say goodbye to the union?

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Below are a few signs that it might be time to rip the Band-Aid off and tell your partner that this simply is just not working out.

1. Arguments: In the beginning of the relationship, your disagreements were something as simple as deciding on what restaurant to have dinner at. As a relationship begins to diminish, you will see that the arguments are more frequent and can often times range from frivolous to life altering. If these arguments continue without ever being resolved, it could be a warning that the end is near.

2. Career: I am all for someone having a career. A job and being ambitious and supporting that person along their journey. However, no matter what the job is, you should always make time for your loved one. If the President of the Unite States can call his wife, so can you. Often times, the person that is wanting out of the relationship will hide behind their jobs and if you find them making every excuse in the book to avoid "the talk", then it might be time to call the relationship off.

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3. Communication:
Time and time again it has been said that "communication is key" in any relationship. It takes a lot of work but once you have the flow of how you talk to each other, it seems like calm sas ahead. When you begin to realize that you are speaking "at" each other rather than speaking "to" each other and the way you communicate to each other is either in avoidance or not at all. It might be time to talk to that person and let them know how you feel. If the chat is not well received, it is probably time to round up the troops and heave home.

4. Effort: It has been said far too often that if you put effort into anything you do, you can achieve anything in life. The same goes for your relationship. If you both put forth the effort that you want it to work, you want eternal bliss and that fairytale ending…you will accomplish it. When only one person is putting in the hours into the relationship and the other is not. The likely hood of success is slim. You BOTH have to communicate and have the same desire for the relationship to work. If there is no effort than there is no future.

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With any relationship it is important to keep an open mind and heart. However, the person that you must be true to is yourself. If something doesn't feel right in the relationship, than talk to your partner. If nothing is changing, then you are responsible for changing it yourself. You are the number one priority; look for the signs and trust your instinctive thoughts. Good luck out there!

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