It's Time to Objectify Men (just a Little) and Pay Them for It

by QuickieChick Laurel House

Who is the most eligible?Who is the most eligible?

There are lots of random, unconventional ways to make money when you're in college and in your twenties.

-1. Sell your stuff on craigslist (varies based on the quality of your stuff- $1-$1,000s, but you have to endure potentially weird people coming to your house)
-2. Sell your services (like tutoring or dog walking!- ahem) on craigslist (varies on your talent- $25-$200 per hour, but you have to put in the work)
-3. Sell your sperm and eggs (About $50 for sperm… if you pass the intense pre-qualifying requirements. About $8,000 for eggs- but first you go through an extensive background check, therapy, hormone shots, daily ultrasounds and an egg retrieval surgery)
-4. Post a 30-second video of yourself on a website where people vote on how "eligible" you are ($100)

...You know that "HotOrNot" website where guys and chicks were rated based on their looks- hot or not, with the goal, I guess, being that you can feel better about yourself (hopefully) and have fun trashing everyone else. I know people who spend hours sifting through the pages of pictures and contributing to the boost or bash of random people. But my question is: why would you post your pic in the first place? If you're going to put your face out there, wouldn't it be better if there was some sort of incentive. Like $100? Which brings me to the 4th money making option.

Women have their Miss California (or whatever your state is), Miss USA and Miss Universe competitions where the most beautiful are voted on looks PLUS talent, speaking ability, grace, and how great they look in a bathing suit and evening gown. The winner is awarded cash, prizes, and the coveted title. But what about guys? Why is it that women are always the ones that are being objectified?

Well now it's their the men's turn- yes men! There's an online dating website called that's different from all the rest in that it's a female-dominated love market where women get to choose who they want to talk to without being bombarded by emails, winks, links, favorites, or pokes from unwanted suitors. But apparently, the women on the site wanted more. They want to know who the "most" eligible guys are. So a new competition has been launched that plays on the Sex and City fixation on Mr. Big -- that one guy who we can't get enough of. He is handsome, smart, and oozes sex appeal. But who and WHERE is he?!

Mr. Big USA is a site that is currently filling up with 30-second videos of eligible men, each trying to prove to us ladies why he deserves the title AND the cash. But it's not just one guy who gets the money. Every day, $100 is being awarded to the man who receives the most votes from the ladies as the most eligible. And the best part… at least for the women, …we know that all of those guys are single and looking to mingle.
Score for everyone!

Laurel House is a Fit & Sexy Lifestyle Expert, 4x published Lifestyle Author, NASM Weight Loss Specialist, and nationally recognized Print and Online Magazine Writer covering travel, relationships, healthy food and fitness (New You, Women's Health, First for Women, Men's Journal, Yahoo! Shine, Elegant Bride, Fit, Spa, Fit Yoga, Playboy, etc). Beyond writing, she has appeared as an expert on television morning shows including E! News, Weekend TODAY, The Daily Buzz, Better.TV, Good DayLA, CBS, Fox, NBC, and ABC Morning News shows both locally and nationally, and her YouTube videos have received over 10 million views. Her 4th book "QuickieChick's Cheat Sheet to Life, Love, Food, Fitness, Fashion and Finance on a Less than Fabulous Budget" was published by St. Martin's in May 2012. She is currently writing her next book-"Screwing The (dating) Rules."