The All-Too Common Sex Mistakes Men Make

It seems like women are as complicated as a Rubik's Cube. Okay, that's wrong. Women are MORE complicated than a Rubik's Cube -- especially in the bedroom. How do men know what women want in the bedroom? Oh that's a hard question. Sometimes, we ladies aren't TMI enough about the things that make us feel good. So how they learn what we do want is by learning what we DON'T want.


Here are some common sex mistakes men make you should share with your man in some mysterious way so that he doesn't think you're unsatisfied but he gets the message and gives you better lovin'.

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He thinks sex feels the same for him as it does for you. Newsflash, dudes! It doesn't. When a dude has his penis in a woman's vagina, it feels amazing. For him. Most women don't have an incredibly sensitive vagina. So men, remember that it's going to take more than a penis in our vagina to rock our socks off.

He thinks he knows exactly what you want. Men assume (incorrectly) that every woman wants what every other woman he's had sex with wants. But women, we're not all the same. If we were, you'd never have to date more than one of us. Learn what WE want. Not what the rest of them wanted. This applies inside AND outside of the bedroom.

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He thinks his penis alone can get you to orgasm. A lot of women can't achieve orgasm without clitoral stimulation -- of the vibrator variety. That doesn't mean she's flawed or her vagina is broken -- it's just the way it is. Many couples can easily integrate a vibrator into their sexual escapades without any problem. And if you do have a problem with one? You should get over it. NOW.

You think you know your way around our lady bits. Again, newsflash, you probably don't. Why? Not because you're not awesome or you don't try, but because we're all a little different down there. Sure, you can find our clitoris, but if you mash it with your fingers as hard as you can because you think we like that? You're going to be summarily booted from bed.

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So what do you think, ladies? Any other mistakes men make in bed? Do share!

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Written by Aunt Becky on CafeMom's blog, The Stir.

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