Too Many "Bentleys" in this World

Am I the only one baffled by Bentley's behavior on the Bachelorette? Yes, I know it's not all real, but, Bentley actually reminds me of most men. Bentley never actually admitted what was going on in his head...that he was hoping the Bachelorette was Emily. Instead, he told Ashley a string of lies until the very end. Despite this being TV, this seems to be a common practice among men. I have encountered very few men who will actually say what is on their mind or what their intentions are. What is that about? Is it part their "game" to be completely vague? It's weird.

I recently had an experience where a very nice guy admitted his interest in me. After a couple pretty hot make out sessions, texting every day for a week and watching the Gold Cup together at a party, he went cold. No Facebook posts, no texts, nothing. Stupid me thinks, hey, maybe he's waiting for me to say hello. Nope. The conversation was one sided and it was like trying to pull teeth. Needless to say, I'm a little confused about the entire thing. I could understand if he was looking for sex and I gave it up...been there, done that, but, that's not what happened. We talked, watched movies, made out. He told me things like: he felt this magnetic pull towards me, that he couldn't wait until he saw me next and complimented me a lot. Again, this would make sense if he was looking to get in my pants but that never happened so I was thinking, hey, this guy honestly likes me.

I ask my lady friends what they think and they say I should confront him and see what's up. I ask my guy friends and they tell me not to act crazy and give him a few days. So who's right? And why is asking for honesty considered crazy? Either way, I don't understand why I have to take these steps. From the beginning I was thinking, you like me, I like you, let's do this thing! And if you kiss me and think, ew, I don't like this chick, then fine, just humor me and say you just want to be friends. What's with the lack of communication after a week excitement and intense attraction? I would love for a guy to be straight up for once. Cut it out with the lines and lies...say what you're thinking and we'll go from there.