Top 10 Best Sex Toys Ever (atleast in my humble opinion)

Top 10 Sex Toys EVER by Chrystal Bougon
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Because I own and ONLINE Sex Toy store and we also have a Home Party Division - I get asked alot which toys are my favorites. Well, I have TWO VERY BEST FAVORITES but I will share with you my TOP 10 favorite toys ever.

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So, here are my TOP 10 Favorite Sex Toys ever and some details below:

1. 5X Space Explorer Pulsating Silver Bullet (Love love love this toy!)
2. Vibratex Pearl Thunder (It looks scary, but honestly only about 3" of insertion so nice size.)
3. Diving Dolphin (Great vibrating ----- ring for couples toy.)
4. Hitachi Magic Wand (Every Self Respecting Lesbian owns one and that's a good sign!)
5. Rabbit Habit byVibratex (Oprah magazine called this one the Rolls Royce of Sex Toys in 2006)

6. Slender Sensations (Great for traveling - not too embarassing.)
7. Two Fingers & 1 Thumb (This one is currently unavailable. They are improving on it. Yaaa.)
8. Sensuous Love Ring (Another fun couples toy.)
9. Waterproof Bullet (Fully submersible vibrating bullet. No more humping the jets in the hot tub.)
10. G & A Spot Penthouse Vibe (We love this reliable toy for G spot, clitoral and prostate massage.)

My all time favorite toy is the 5X Pulsating Bullet and I love it because of the intensity and the fact that it has 5 speeds. Speed 1 I refer to as the "tease" speed. It won't quite get you there, but it will get you close! Speed 2, by far my favorite, has a nice rhythm to it and may remind you of something! This toy is perfect size for clitoral stimulation and small enough that your partner can still penetrate you as you have it positioned carefully on top of your clitoris.

The Pearl Thunder is my second favorite toy and it is a beautifully crafted toy by Vibratex. It gives you about 3" of insertion - thick, girthy insertion and a gorgeous clitoral stimulator that has a more direct vibration then it's sister the Rabbit Pearl. This toy also has a new style of "pearls" then we've been used to with the Rabbit Pearl and the Rabbit Habit. The pearls on the Pearl Thunder do not tumble. They stay together and spin around all at one time giving me a 3rd style of stimulation that I really enjoy. This is a favorite amongst all of my party consultants.

My favorite vibrating ----- ring style toy is the Diving Dolphin and I like it because you get two very nice quality silver bullets and a nice sturdy jelly ----- ring. I also enjoy the fact that it has two controllers which means you can turn the clitoral stimulator on high and the testicle stimulator on low. It's a super fun toy if you like to be on top. Not so fun if he's on top, though, ladies. So don't buy this one unless you enjoy that position. Fun toy for couples and when you're not in the mood for the ring, you each get your own VERY STRONG and VERY reliable silver bullets.

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