Top 10 unintentionally dirty ad slogans

Tango's excellent article "Top Eight Love Slogans That Lie" (because every kiss does not begin with Kay) got us thinking about ad slogans that aren't about sex but could be. Or should be. Here are our ten favorite...

1. A little dab'll do ya. They were talking about Brylcreem, but every time we hear this we remember it's time to stock up on lube.

[Video: Everything you ever wanted to know about lube!]

2. Let your fingers do the walking. We're think we've probably co-opted this Yellow Pages slogan pretty much every time we've written about the importance of a little handwork during intercourse.

3. Breakfast of Champions. Because a high-fiber cereal like Wheaties is one of the best damn things you can do for your (anal) sex life.

[Video: Claire from Babeland gives you a beginner's guide to the back door.]

4. Does she...or doesn't she? Clairol my ass, they were totally talking about rimjobs.

5. Please don't squeeze the Charmin. Again, we're pretty sure we've referenced the Charmin Squeeze (TM) at least once a year when describing the perfect man ----- .

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