Top 5 Ways to Flirt with Your Husband

Smart Ways to Flirt With Your HusbandSmart Ways to Flirt With Your HusbandRomance! Every woman adores a love life where passion never ceases and love is an everlasting enigma. Well, take a typical traditional love story, adorable isn't it? But gone are those days when you could look into his eyes and feel like a puddle, when he would give you a smile that proclaimed resonating thoughts and a feathery touch that would set your skin ablaze.

So is your love life suddenly too dull? Feeling the color drain out of that wonderful painting? You shouldn't feel exhausted of your assets so soon, after all you're a woman and not just a beauty with brains but with sensuous compassion as well. So don't lose hope, because there is absolutely no harm in rekindling that fire between you and your spouse. Find means to flirt with him, reminding him of those days when he would be enraptured by your beautiful dark eyes and lustrous hair, the effect of your flirtations should get the old bull back into the 'good old days' as the saying goes.

Here is that unique list which maintains some fine tips with respect to the different methods you can apply while you flirt with your spouse, don't feel shy he's your husband but how amazing it does feel when the ambience around you two changes and you find yourself embracing that similar magnetic attraction like you once had.

Slight Conversations

Women tend to forget sometimes men certainly don't like discussing matters related to work; family or the household issues much of a conversation, so begin with the obvious gesture of a compliment. Seductive yet subtle, start an intelligent conversation that takes his mind off his problems, maybe gets him out of his customary 'serious' mood and back into that boy who once would try to catch your attention with his airy talks and delight.

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Slight Touch

In case your spouse is a workaholic or just too busy to pay his attention to you in bed, you make the effort of grabbing that attention outside the bed. Those soft, slight touches he would surely remember; while you bumped against him the first time in college.

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Slight Laugh

Men love making their women laugh, in fact they'll purposely try to impress you with their jokes and hilarious discussions so you need to put that mobile away and listen to him, also don't forget to embrace him with a roar of laughter, hence highlight his self esteem.

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Slight Words

Wake up in the morning and greet him with a simple 'good morning' in that downright husky voice, though don't let out more secrets about your feelings. Men love mystery, and if you continue being one that'll keep them hooked on to you.

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Slight Eye Contact

This surely is a flirting technique where certain objects can be talked about in front of your husband, hence allowing his mind to think about what you've said. Say you look at your 'little black dress' which is enough of a signification to him. In fact chocolates can make the best suggestions, it's all in the eyes hence eye contact is highly necessary.

By Kanika Kothari,