Top 9 prom dances in movies!

She's all that: the dance scene that spawned a million youtube copycats. (Everett Collection)She's all that: the dance scene that spawned a million youtube copycats. (Everett Collection)It's prom week! Just because we weren't invited, Shine is crashing the party all week long. We'll be bringing you memories, trends and unforgettable moments in proms, past and present. To kick it off, let's look back at the one thing that changed the way we see prom today: movies. If it wasn't for film, prom would be just another homecoming dance. Instead it's a place where high school outcasts get revenge, first kisses are planted and hundreds of classmates come together in a coordinated dance-a-thon. Before you get your prom on this year, take inspiration from some of the best choreographed sequences in celluloid history.

9. Teen Wolf: It would suck if he was the kind of werewolf who couldn't dance. But with those moves, you barely notice he's covered in hair.

8.Teen Witch: their over-dramatic dance would be weird if all the couples around them weren't equally intensely twirly.

7. Grease: The next best thing to the dances in this clip is the way the guys are dressed. Rockabilly heaven.

6. Back the Future: Don't you love how people cue up the band in movies? It's somehow easier not to say the title of the song.

5: Carrie: At around minute 4 of this video, all of Carrie's dreams come true as she's spun around the dance-floor by a poor-man's Leif Garett. We all know how this ends but lets bask in her moment of glory, pre-bloodbath.

4. Just One of the Guys: 100 percent 80s, this prom take places when gender identity was still just a term on a graduate coursework syllabus. Back then, proms were thrown on beaches, not gyms, and women had to dress like Ralph Macchio to be taken seriously as journalists.

3: She's All That: The very best part of this 1999 teen movie was the dance scene, deejayed by usher and choreographed by saints.

2. Prom Night: Back in the disco era proms really brought out people's violent tendencies. At least it was balanced with some sweet Studio 54-style moves.

1. Footloose: Best prom ever dance, hands down. How much do you think would it cost to get Kenny Loggins to play at prom? Name your price, sir.

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