Top 9 TV Weddings We Can't Forget

From touching to hilarious to downright awkward, has rounded up the most memorable -- in no particular order -- TV weddings of all time.

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1. Pam and Jim on The Office (2009)
Played by Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski
From the silly-but-cute proposal at a rest stop where Jim says he just "can't wait," to their secret nuptials at Niagara Falls, the will-they-or-won't-they couple is a comedy series favorite. The fact that the two return for a more traditional church ceremony, only to have their coworkers steal the spotlight by dancing down the aisle in homage to the viral YouTube video of Chris Brown's "Forever" song, is just icing on the cake.

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2. Charlotte and Harry on Sex and the City (2003)
Played by Kristin Davis and Evan Handler
While all of the Sex and the City weddings were pretty, we like this one best, in part because of the long, winding road that gets the couple to the altar. With Harry and Charlotte, it's a true case of "opposites attract," since Harry has just about every trait Charlotte claims to be repulsed by, and Charlotte isn't Jewish -- a must for Harry. In time, the two come around (and Charlotte converts), and they have a seemingly doomed wedding, which includes Charlotte spilling wine on herself, Harry being unable to smash the ceremonial glass and Harry's best man giving a bad drunken toast.

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3. Lily and Marshall on How I Met Your Mother (2007)
Played by Alyson Hannigan and Jason Segel
If you've ever felt like you weren't in control of planning the wedding day, this is the episode for you. Everything that can go wrong does for Lily and Marshall. From the flowers showing up in the middle of the ceremony to a last-minute bad haircut, the couple seems doomed. Despite this, they still find a way to have a perfect (private and improvised) ceremony.

4. Kelly and Zack on Saved by the Bell (1994)
Played by Tiffani Thiessen and Mark-Paul Gosselaar
It was the only possible way this quintessential '90s series could end: with a Vegas wedding. Since Kelly's parents can't foot the bill and Zack's parents think the couple is too young to get hitched, the crew heads out to Las Vegas for a truly memorable wedding weekend. The episode -- which includes run-ins with escorts and a car chase -- originally aired as a two-hour TV movie. But what most people remember these days are A.C. Slater's fateful parting words: "It's the end of an era."

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5. Emily and Ross on Friends (1998)
Played by Helen Baxendale and David Schwimmer
How could anyone forget this season finale cliffhanger in which Ross (David Schwimmer) botches his vows to his English fiancee, Emily, saying, "I, Ross, take thee, Rachel...." The wedding does go on and the two later break up. But it isn't all bad: Monica and Chandler -- who marry during season seven -- first hook up at the disastrous wedding.

6. Izzie and Alex on Grey's Anatomy (2009)
Played by Katherine Heigl and Justin Chambers
Nothing says "wedding" like creepy dead fiance hallucinations and brain tumors, right? Well, that's how it went for Izzie and Alex's bittersweet nuptials on Grey's Anatomy. After finding out Izzie has an incurable tumor (hence the hallucinations), Meredith gives her wedding dress to Izzie and explains that Izzie was always supposed to be the bride. The quickie wedding includes touching vows from Alex -- "Today, I become a man, a husband" -- but then it's back to the hospital for Izzie, where she shaves her head, and we all try not to cry.

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7. Kevin and Scotty on Brothers and Sisters (2008)
Played by Matthew Rhys and Luke Macfarlane
Hailed by some critics as a "groundbreaking" wedding, Kevin and Scotty's nuptials weren't just loving and sweet -- they also marked one of the few times prime time has held a same-sex wedding with main characters. While Scotty's parents are far from supportive, his father does offer the cuff links that he wore at his own wedding. At the end of season two, the couple is happily married.

8. Donna and David on Beverly Hills, 90210 (2000)
Played by Tori Spelling and Brian Austin Green
Before they each went on to marry their separate hotties in real life (hello, future Mr. Megan Fox!), these two tied the knot together on TV. After 10 years of hookups, breakups, high school and college, Donna and David finally exchange "I dos" in a beautifully traditional ceremony.

9. Daphne and Niles on Frasier (2002)
Played by Jane Leeves and David Hyde Pierce
After years of watching Niles pine over British lass Daphne, Frasier ultimately -- accidentally - betrays his brother's feelings in season seven. The two end up eloping in an incredibly romantic way, but then pretend they never did in order to appease their families. When the second wedding takes place, enough hilarity ensues that you'll be quite happy they got one all to themselves first.

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