How to Turn on His Inner Charm

How to 'Trick' A Guy into Being Playful

What's the single biggest problem that women face when dating?

Men are lame.

Yup, men are usually one of the big 3 categories of lame

a. boring
b. awkward
c. fake

Fortunately, in our infinite Yahoo! Shine web wisdom we developed a special 5 minute video that shows you how to eliminate "The ABC's of Lameness" from your online dating.

I'm going to show you the video in a second but I want you to exactly. follow. my clever. 2 step instructions:

1. Watch the video.
2. Keep reading article after you watched the video (leave comments, share with friends, gossip about it on facebook first tho).

Ok, ready?
Here is the video:

Did you watch it? OK, excellent.

Now you might have a question. If you watch my "The Girls Game" Yahoo! Screen videos you know I'm big on women and men being "playful." What is "playful" exactly?

l can talk about this topic for hours but right now I'm going to give you the super short answer you can use today. For women, if a guy is playful he is emotionally stimulating you with his conversation. Not a lot of men know how to do this because men tend to be logical ... a.k.a. boring. So for example, if you ask a guy what he does he is likely to answer in a very logical way.i.e. if he's a plastic surgeon (if only women could always meet plastic surgeons all the time) he's gonna say "I'm a plastic surgeon."

When instead he could say ...

Him: "First ... I was ... a hand model."
Her: LOL + "what are you now?"
Him: "What are you saying ... my hands aren't hot?"
Her: LOL + "on the hand hotness scale .. you're hands are solid, solid 7s"
Him: "Thanks. My mom always told me my hands were solid, solid 8s ... but I'm not gonna argue over 1 digit."
Her: "You're soooo sweeet."
Him: "You're sooo sweetly sarcastic."
Her: "You're funny, so what do you do for real?"
Him: "I have healing hands ... 7s apparently."
Her: "So what do you do with your healing hands?"
Him: "I'm a doctor."
Her: "What kind of doctor."
Him: "We can only be friends if you're not insecure."
Her: "I'm soo not insecure."
Him: "I'm a plastic surgeon."

So which guy would you rather date?

The surgeon that just lays it all out there with a paragraphs like this:"I'm a plastic surgeon. I have my own practice. I have 3 kids. I'm divorced cause I'm really boring but you should get in my Ferrari anyway."

OR... the guy that throws in a bunch of ...

1. Mystery (he doesn't answer your question right away, instead delaying the answer)
2. Teasing ("You're soo sweetly sarcastic")
3. Challenges ("We can only be friends if you're not insecure.")
4. Self Deprecating Humor ("... 7s apparently" and "my hands aren't hot")
5. Over The Top White Lies ("I was a hand model.")

Yup, I bet you're thinking ... I wish I could meet "Fun Surgeon" on line.

Here is the big secret. Deep down inside a lot (but definitely not most) men lies dormant , long unused social intelligence that's capable of natural 1-5 behavior. All you have to do to see if its there is to throw Mystery, Teasing, Challenges, Humor, Silly Lies at him in short soundbites to see if he can come back at you with the exact same thing. Men tend to mirror the type of communication they are receiving back at whoever is saying it to them. If you ask a logical question, you will likely get a logical answer. But if you tease him, he might just tease you back. When you tease him and he teases you back in a cool way, he will notice a positive reaction from you (you're gonna smile, play with your hair, get closer) and then he might, just might start to realize that being playful is a good thing to do without prompting. And that, my dear readers, is getting at the essence of natural charm.

In other words, verbally toss soundbite samples of the type of material that emotionally stimulates you at him, to see if he starts doing it to you.aka. do unto him , what you'd like coming back at you.

That's how you can 'trick' men into being playful, aka attractive with their personality.

For example, if he tells you he likes to be in the gym a lot instead of quietly nodding in apathy you can see if meathead has a brain by saying ...

Him: "I'm into working out."
Her: "Awesome ... so you're the one guy in the noon Yoga class."
Him: "No i just lift."
Her: "I didn't know you could lift and do Yoga at the same time but you learn something new ever day."
Him (finally getting it): "yes, I'm a brilliant multitasker."

Most men will fail this test and continue to be boring and not seduce you. But now you have way more control because a good 1/3 of men that thought they were boring will now think they are seduction geniuses because you secretly led them through how to act in an attractive way to you. More over they will think that only you are capable of making them this fun and awesome and thus will like you more then other women that don't know the simple secret I just taught you.

And that is how you can be playful, to hopefully get him to act the same way.

btw, this works on husbands, boyfriends, too. It's not just for random man-meat.

Till the next Episode of "The Girls Game." -Mehow

About the Author:

Mehow is an ex-government computer hacker-turned-professional pickup artist. He has been coaching men and women in the fine art of romance for 8.5 years. He's personally randomly approached an estimated 10,000 women during this process, written 8 books, and recorded hundreds of hours of hidden camera video breaking down how romantic interaction really works. He's the host of Yahoo! hit show "The Girls Game." For more: guys go to; women go to