Trips to Help Heal a Broken Heart

If you've ever been dumped before, then no doubt someone has advised you that "it takes time to mend a broken heart." You probably think that's trite, but it's actually true. It takes time to repair a broken heart and it's what you do in that time that will cause you to come out of this ordeal a bitter person or a better person. So you can spend all your time lying in bed, whining about your ex, or you can spend your time doing something constructive - like traveling! Hey, the term "travel therapy," didn't just fall out of the sky. It was coined for good reason:

Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind. ~Seneca

Whether it's a road trip or a Spring Break Trip with, travel will take you out of your current environment and help you "get your mind right." When you make the choice to get away from it all, you will be too busy to:

  • Spend your time waiting for the phone to ring
  • Constantly check your cell phone for text messages
  • Obsessively check your IM, Email, or Facebook page for messages from your ex
  • Make a fool out of yourself by calling, IM-ing, texting, or showing up at his house

In short, a quick vacation with your friends will help you jumpstart your healing process because, for a short time at least, you will cut all contact with your ex. Additional benefits:

  • You will reduce your anxiety level because you won't have to worry about running into your ex
  • You will nurture those friendships that you may have neglected when you were part of a couple
  • You will meet new and interesting people
  • You will create new memories that have nothing to do with your ex

So if you (or a friend) have been dumped, go on a quick vacation to get away from it all. A new environment will help you clear your mind and will kick start your healing process. Then, when you return from vacation, write in a diary, or get a guided journal like The Breakup Workbook and join an online support group (like the one at to help you continue to get over your ex in a healthy manner.