Twitter Marriage Proposal Goes Viral, Appropriately

(Twitter/Vine) Curt Buthman became a social media phenomenon Tuesday night with a single tweet. 

@marshacollier I love you! #WillYouMarryMe

But that wasn't all. Buthman's tweeted proposal to his girlfriend Marsha Collier included a Vine video, a 6-second moving selfie, featuring Buthman holding up a ring and asking "Marsha, I love you so much, will you marry me, please...please?"

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Collier, an author who writes about social media and Internet trends for a living, was the perfect recipient. She happened to be moderating a informational chat with Twitter followers at the moment of the surprise proposal. She tells Shine, she watched the Vine video of Buthman proposing with her mother's ring and "was blown away."

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Vine, a video platform that lets users upload 6-second videos from their smartphones, is fairly new. By all accounts, Buthman's proposal was the first time the platform had been used to pop the question.

"I planned on doing [the engagement] during the chat awhile ago," Buthman, who works as a direct marketing consultant and knows a thing or two about grabbing people's attention, tells Yahoo Shine. "But then, I was on my way home from the gym yesterday and thought that a Vine video might work, too."

"I've been doing these [Twitter] customer service chats since 2009, then in the last 15 minutes his tweet came up. My first thought was to retweet him, which I did, and then I responded...." Collier gushed. "I'm so excited!"

photo: twitterAfter Collier responded (she said yes!), the couple was bombarded with congratulatory tweets from strangers who happened to witness their thoroughly modern moment. Responses form her more than 70,000 followers included, "Romance isn't dead,it's on Twitter!"

Buthman and Collier both initially met via Twitter and then physically met at a Blogworld conference in 2010. After several visitations and SKYPE dates, the two paired up and Buthman moved from North Carolina to California in 2011.

"With social media, you get to know more about the person," Collier said in response to being questioned about the validity of meeting that special someone online. "People used to write letters to each other. This is kind of the same thing, but it's more immediate. The whole key to it is transparency. It's a great way to meet people."

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