Um, have you ever passed gas during sex?

Dear Dr. Kate,

Is it common for women to pass gas during sex? There have been times when my man is downtown doing a fine job and I lose control of that particular area. Is there anything I can do about it? I'm so embarrassed when it happens...fortunately it doesn't seem to faze my guy. I still would like to know is there a way to stop it? What if the next guy won't be so accepting?


Dear Embarrassed,

The fact that you're that relaxed during sex (especially oral sex) is fantastic! Unfortunately, when you're relaxed all over, sometimes your sphincter relaxes as well. It's not unusual at all, and my guess is that any guy you're with has had it happen before. There's not much you can do to stop it -- don't eat foods that make you gassy before or on a date night, and chew your food slowly. And if a future partner is not as understanding about how funny sex can be, he doesn't deserve you. Though, is there a chance that the sounds are from your vagina, not your rear? I hear more about queefing during oral sex than passing gas -- again, totally normal. (Can you stop queefs from happening?)

Are any of you worried about passing gas during sex?

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