We all would men and een some women should no better to not hurt one another, but in relationships married or not when you both tie your souls together after your sexual encounters, is where the worst begins. When you marry you take vows for better or for worst, we can never and will never determine what our WORST will be. But, if you are not married to the person sexually connection is what consimate your relationship it becomes binding and bonded, that again is when the worst comes. That will also determine if you are really in love with the person and willing to go through the tough times together and work on the problems together, because you are going to have problems, that why it takes work.

But you will not get to the better if you can't get through the worst, cheating is one of the worst things a lot of people in relationships say I won't deal with that, I'm done if that ever happens to me, I said the same thing until I put those shoes on, and my love was challenged. I feel if you can leave that easy walk away, true real love was wnot there in the first place.

Love conquer all things, yes it hurts and yes it's painful, you ask yourself what did I do, what could I have done better. Anytime someone goes outside the realationship, or causes some kind of damage, it's not you it's something about the one that brought the worst in, to do a self examination. You have to ask if you love them enough to wait in the waiting area while they go through a major operation, because it is going to take a major self operation to get rid of what cause that worst to come in and infect the love you both had together!

And while you are waiting you have to decide is it worth the wait, is your love that strong and is his that strong to overcome the worst nad work to get to the BETTER! No one will undersstand but it's not their life it's yours and as I said previously you are not the red carpet, you are the one Who Walks The Red Carpet! you put the sparkle in a diamond.

And for the men, if you have a good woman, stop looking for the bad in her and provoke her to be a person she's not to give you a reason and an excuse to do what you want to do, so you would not feel quilty, bt you feel you can justifie your wrong and you know it's wrong! That's not good and that's not love, be loving kind and gentle spark your realtionship by doing different things together , explore if she's not in the mood, do things you know that will put a smile on her face. Yes, men you are suppose t go out of your way it says " A Man That Finds A wife, Finds A Good Thing and OBTAIN FAVOR! means good things are going to come your way if you treat and love that woman the right way. Resist temptation it's not worth what it would cost you later! Bless You