A User Asks: Where's the Love???

I work in the public sector as a professional. This puts people in front of me in large numbers on a daily basis, and I get the chance to know a LOT of people. Additionally, I read a lot, and get quite a bit of info. from articles and blogs.
In the last couple of years, I've noticed a disturbing trend, in that I never see, read, or hear about any articles or blogs that are all about women that want their man just because they love them. I've been with my wife now for 20 years, and just thinking about how much I love her and how much we share makes me want her sooooo bad. Yet I don't think I get that same thing in return for reasons I don't wish to get into. But, this leads me to a chain of questions I would like to get some feedback on. Here they are:
1. Is it possible for a woman to be "sexed out" like most men are taught by other men?
2. Why is giving a man oral sex such a big deal if your in love with him?
3. Lingerae....shouldn't it make you happy to see your man get excited just by seeing you?
4. If you will get "fixed up" for someone you haven't met, then why not for the man you claim to love?
5. Where's the closeness that comes from intimacy?

I'd like some feedback please. Just about every married man I know (including myself) has the same concerns. It's just like.........where's the love.

1. Not quite sure what the question is. I'm currently single, and the opposite of being "sexed out." I'm hornied-out, if anything. Starve a woman long enough, and yes, the "cougar" will come out.

2. It's not. But if a woman doesn't do that, she must not love the man so much. It's all about wanting to give pleasure to your lover. Their happiness induces YOUR happiness. I had no issue with oral.

3. Buy her some lingerie and maybe she will get the idea. Part of a woman's sexuality is tapping her inner goddess, and wearing sexy clothes to please a man channels that force. If she is opposed, have her read some articles online about how to keep a man, or keep your relationship healthy-- sex is a big part of it!

4. See #3. Definitely worth the extra effort. If you please your man, he will be happier, and more willing to make YOU happy.

5. If you don't feel close from intimacy, there's something wrong. I always felt as though being intimate/close physically and emotionally is what kept my marriage strong. Unbeknownst to me, my ex was not satisfied (possibly a sex addict) and had a mistress. He should fooled me about how "happy" he was though. Better luck next time, I guess.

If you'd like to get inside information on how women think, read my blogs. Have your guy friends read them too. You might learn some interesting stuff.