User post: Considering Constructive Criticism from Your Partner

Are you in a relationship in which your boyfriend or husband has criticized you about the same thing over and over again? Maybe he says that you don't make enough time for him? Maybe he says that you're always moody and he never feels as if he can do enough for you to be happy? Maybe he says that you never seem to be "in the mood?"

It can be irritating when someone is constantly reminding you of your short-comings. But, no matter what he says, it's important that before you decide to break up with him because of these criticisms, that you take them to heart. Being in a relationship is a two-way street. No doubt that there are things about him which you have criticized - so remember that he has every right to criticize you as well.

Ask yourself - Is there any merit to the things he says?

Before you start yelling at him for the umpteenth time, take time to really think about his words. Although you may be busy, do you unnecessarily neglect him? Are you unhappy in general? Do you think you might need to make some changes with yourself so that you can be more happy? Are you as sexually active with him as you would like to be?

Words hurt, but a lot of times, if a person that is close to you has something critical to say about you, there may be some merit to it. Take time to review what he says from every angle before you throw the relationship away altogether. Talk it out. Make amends if you can.

And if after you've thought about it long and hard, you think it's time to walk away, then I hope you can find the strength to do it.


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